Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Training Workshop & Student PreRegistration Now Available

On Saturday, August 29th, the math program will be providing Math Pentathlon games training for our full time coaches, rule experts, and club monitors. If your child is considering joining the Math Pentathlon program at Fern Bluff this year, we'd like to invite you to join us in the school cafeteria for this event, as we believe that you will find the training program valuable for understanding and encouraging your child's experience with Math Pentathlon and for at home play with your child. There is a small fee for the training which allows us to bring the program to our school. Adults who attend the training on Saturday, August 29th will be able to pre-register their children for the club. The training workshops are limited to 28 adults per division and we will place parents in the classes based on order of receipt of registration and payment. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, email the Math Club coordinator at for the registration forms.

We currently have parent staffing to enroll 40 students per division. If you are interested in volunteering EACH THURSDAY after school from 2:30-4 PM for the Math Club, your children will have automatic placement in the club and one registration fee will be waived. Please contact us immediately if you are able to join our team!

If you can not attend the training workshop on Aug 29th, the next opportunities for student registrations are (in priority order):

# 4. Students of parents who attended training in 2008, who went to tournament, and are changing divisions (by Sept 1)

# 5. Students who went to tournament in the prior year (by Sept 2)

#6. Students who were in Math club, but not at tournament (by Sept 3)

# 6. New Students & Parents attending Mini Orientation Session on September 3rd

# 7: New Students; Waiting List Replacements until September 30th

However, this priority placement list does not guarantee enrollment in the Math Pentathlon Club for 2009-2010. This simply states the order in which we will accept registrations. Once we have reached the capacity in any division, students will then be placed on a waiting list.

Regardless of when your student registers, we still expect a parent to volunteer for SIX hours during classes as a rotating volunteer or at a Saturday tournament as a supervisor.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 National Champions on K-EYE at 5 PM

Celebration Thanks!

HUGE Thanks to our special guests at the 2009 Math Pentathlon National Champions Celebration & Awards Ceremony!

There is only one school in the United States that can claim the title 2009 Math Pentathlon National Champions and it's Fern Bluff Elementary. Now there are one-hundred thirty-six students who will always be able to say, "We were National Champions!"

The celebration and awards ceremony was incredible and lovely in the school courtyard! Dr. Wilson, Principal, welcomed the crowd and introduced Lisa Mack, campus coordinator for the program. She shared her thanks for the strong parent support of the program and her pride in the kids growth and sportsmanship.

Round Rock ISD Director of Curriculmn, Suzanne Burke spoke on behalf of Superintendent Dr. Chavez in congratulating the students for their incredible achievement.

Dr. Lorenzo Sadun of the University of Texas who is the advisor to a collegiate math team spoke about real world applications of the math program and how how hoped to meet them again in 10 or 15 years at UT.

Jarrod Weaver presented a certificate of special congressional recognition on behalf of Congressman John Carter.

Rene LeBlanc, national director of the Pentathlon Institute honored Fern Bluff Elementary students with a trophy presentation.

Students then marched through the halls in the Parade of Champions getting high-fives from their classmates before getting their individual trophies in the gym.

Special thanks also to Round Rock ISD's Board of Trustees Member Charles Chadwell and Williamson County Commissioner Lisa Birkman's representative, Tammy Smith for joining our celebration!